Working abroad – Teaching English in Hong Kong

Working abroad is an adventure, an experience for the young, or for those who seek new challenges in life. Working abroad in Hong Kong, in a city where social life starts after 7pm, you will see Lan Kwai Fong packed. Hong Kong is not a city with many natural wonders, but packed with many social events. Hong Kong being such a multicultural city, it is an excellent opportunity to meet-up with people of similar cultural background. Coming to Hong Kong might be overwhelming, but after attending a few social events, you would probably not want to leave Hong Kong.

However, obviously, different people would have different experiences, and not all people are sociable. There are places you can hike in Hong Kong and beaches you can relax.

All in all, getting used to living in Hong Kong should be a breeze, with the exception of the weather. The humidity can get into your nerve sometimes being extremely humid, which causes stickiness of your body.

“Life in Hong Kong transcends cultural and culinary borders, such that nothing is truly foreign and nothing doesn’t belong.” – Peter Jon Lindberg

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Though it’s one hack of an experience, but working abroad isn’t as easy as one may expect.

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